2018 Projects

2018 Project Programme

If you wish to be involved in any of these projects (or have an idea of your own) please contact Richard at richard@hrgs.co.uk

  1. Sittingbourne War Memorials Project

Sittingbourne War Memorials Project – the research into 3337 names commemorated locally on the war memorials of 27 parishes. In scope are:

Bapchild, Bobbing, Borden, Bredgar, Doddington, Faversham, Frinsted, Hartlip, Iwade, Kingsdown, Lower Halstow, Lynsted, Milton Regis, Milstead, Murston, Newington, Newnham, Norton Buckland and Stone, Rainham, Rodmersham, Sheppey, Sittingbourne, Stockbury, Teynham, Tonge, Tunstall , and Upchurch.

This project started in 2012 and is likely to run till 2019.

  1. Bredhurst Dig

Bredhurst archaeological project…a project originally excavating the remains of a medieval manorial house dating back to the 13th century.  The finds assemblage chronologically spans from the Mesolithic period through to the 20th century.     2010- ongoing

  1. Rose Hill Archaeological Project

An archaeological investigation into the remains of neo-classical house dating to the 18th century.    Finds processing and analysing to enable information to be added to a new Rose Hill touch screen and Rose Hill House website.  Join our Facebook page to find out when events are scheduled. – 2015-2018

  1. Digitisation Project

To digitise over 4000 local photographs currently in the possession of the group…we hope to make them more accessible to researchers.         2016-2018

  1. 2019 Calendar

HRGS and Sittingbourne Heritage Museum to produce a calendar for 2019 to sell to the public to raise funds for local Heritage Groups.     Feb – Jul 2018

  1. Archive Review

Restructure the Archive recording process for donations and existing artefacts and records.         2017-2018

  1. Archaeological Finds Review

To examine more than 4000 archaeological finds which had been left by the dissolved Swale and Sittingbourne Archaeological Research Group in the late twentieth century.  These finds need re-packaging, analysing, conserving, storing and presenting. A selection would be then available to display in the Heritage Hub in Sittingbourne, and make available to other local heritage groups within the Swale Museum Group area.          2017-2019

  1. 1940’s Diary

Digitise, transcribe, research the diary of David Joyce who kept a diary throughout 1940. Once the research is complete, researchers will then decide how best to tell the story that David Joyce has left us. 2017-2018.

  1. Defence of Swale

Alan Anstee, Richard Emmett, Dean Coles, John Weeks, Jerry Cooley, and Simon Mason are working on mapping and recording the WW1 defence lines along the Stockbury valley. Dave Leigh is using his quad-copter to survey the area.  The aim would be to produce a guided walk.      2014 -2018

  1. Sittingbourne Town Trail

Having launched the Historic Sittingbourne Cat Trail (a free family friendly leaflet providing a self-guide snippets of history and hunt for 15 images of cats in the town’s windows), HRGS would like to produce a more comprehensive historical guide and walks to promote the heritage of the town. 2018

  1. Swale Heritage Brochure

Working with Historic Swale we are looking to produce a historic visitors guide for Swale.  March 2018 onwards.

  1. WW1 DVD

Working in conjunction with local film animator Colin Harvey and other local groups we will produce a DVD to tell the story of the role played by the community and the significance that Sittingbourne and the surrounding parishes played during WW1.  This was ‘storyboarded’ and scripted in 2016.  Michael Peters has agreed to narrate it. Expected Jun – Nov 2018.

  1. WW1 Survivor – Fred Harris

Digitise, transcribe, and research the tape recording of a survivor from the First World War, Fred Harris. Once his story has been investigated, researchers will then decide how best to tell the story and plan how best to pass this on to the public. 2018

  1. Our Famous Locals

A timeline showing notable famous people who have walked our streets over the millennium of time. A few researchers would like to create a timeline of local famous people, which will also tell us a little bit about their lives. 2017-2019

  1. Crime during WW1 – Book

Alan Anstee has been researching newspaper records of 1914-1922 to analyse what was happening during the war and what this tells us about local society. He presented this to the public July 2017, and is now writing a book ready for publication.  2018

  1. Transcriptions of Burial Records

Mary Cooley would like to transcribe burial records from microfilm held in the HRGS research Archives. Sue Shiels is transcribing Rodmersham records. 2017-2018

  1. A new Heritage Centre

A working group (from HRGS and Sittingbourne Heritage Museum and members of the public) was set up in 2016 to look at ways to secure a dedicated permanent Heritage Centre in the heart of Sittingbourne. 2016-2020


  1. 100th Anniversary of RAF Eastchurch

The 1st April will mark the centenary of the formation of the Royal Air Force (RAF); HRGS plans to work with Eastchurch Aviation Museum and the Royal British Legion to commemorate this event. Lead is Richard Emmett. – Apr 2018

  1. WW1 Wall of Remembrance

During 2018 the trench in the Exhibition will be removed and a wall of remembrance, with every local man’s name who died during the First World War will be commemorated on the Heritage Hub wall. Lead is Richard Emmett 2018

  1. Programme of WW1 Talks

Jerry Cooley is leading and helping to organise a collection of WW1 themed talks across Swale. 2017-2018

  1. WW1 Poetry Booklet

Renee Peluola is leading on a booklet covering poetry during the First World War. She is keen to analysis the poems, to share experiences through the medium of poetry. 2017-2018

  1. Swale 100 – WW1 Book

Pat Robinson is leading on a book which will tell the interesting and touching stories of the people of Swale from the First World War. 2018

  1. Milton Memorial / Men Book

Terry Matson will be producing a book on the Milton School Memorial. Target for release November 2018.

  1. Swale Commemoration Book

Richard Emmett has been asked by Swale Borough Council to help produce a book cataloguing the various projects and events that have been (and will be) undertaken by the community during the six years of commemorations of the First World War. 2018-2019

  1. HRGS Website

Led by Jack Jones, to rebuild and improve the HRGS website. And support the ‘Sittingbourne Remembers’ site to ensure information is not lost when his network shuts down. 2018

  1. Book on The Montresor Family

Jenny Kearney would like to tell the story of the Montresor family, who are hugely famous in America, to enable local people to know and understand the part they played in shaping our history. 2018-2019

  1. The Montresor Trail

To work with other sites who formed part of the Montresor story, to enable a visitor’s trail to be set up, joining the sites together. Belmont House, Huguenots Museum Rochester, RE Museum Brompton, Oare Gunpowder Works, Maidstone Museum.  Led by Richard Emmett 2018 – 2020


  1. Town Walks

Local historians Alan Amos and Michael Peters would like to help set up regular guided walks around the town. A programme of training other local guides will form part of the legacy of the story to enable our town history to be passed on to other local history enthusiasts. 2018-2019

  1. Book on Bredhurst Dig and Findings

To publish a small booklet on the research and findings on Bredhurst to include: the Stone Age, Romano British, Anglo-Saxons, to the Medieval period. 2018-2019


  1. Bredhurst – 8 years of Archaeology in photos

To sort, print and annotate into a photo album the 8 years’ worth of useful photos taken at our Bredhurst site, that will help explain our findings to new archaeological diggers and visitors who come on site. 2018.

  1. Childrens University

To set up a working relationship with the Children’s University (A charity which encourages children aged 5 to 14 years to try new experiences, develop new interests and acquire new skills through participation in innovative and creative Learning Activities outside of school) to encourage more young visitors to know and understand the local history that is on offer. 2018.

  1. The Train That Jumped the Gap

Richard Emmett plans to produce a booklet on the WW2 Upchurch Doodlebug Incident for the 75th anniversary in August 2019.

  1. WW1 Peace Events

To acknowledge and conclude the WW1 research into the local fallen from the First World War, the Sittingbourne War memorial project would like to organise a community event that would include remembering each of the 1114 men and women from Sittingbourne and the surrounding parishes. Lead is Richard Emmett 2018-2019

  1. Wheels of Time

Richard and Theresa Emmett will be actively finding new ways for the young visitors from Wheels of Time to enjoy visiting the Heritage Hub. They also sit on the Core Group of Wheels of Time to help administer the scheme. 2018-2019 onwards.