A project to recognise the ultimate sacrifice made by the men from Sittingbourne and its surrounding parishes during the Great War 1914-1918.  The list of names we are currently researching who died following the 1914-1918 war, from the Swale area.  If you have a family member who was born, lived, schooled, worked or was loved from one of the *26 parishes in scope and their name appears or does not appear below, please contact us with their details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our aim is to tell the lives behind as many of the names as possible on our memorials.

Donations appreciated to help create an electronic searchable database as a memorial to these men.


Ackerman, Ager, Akhurst, Aldridge, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Antrichan, Apperly, Apps, Ardren, Armond, Arnold, Arter, Ashby, Ashenden, Ashlee, Ashwood, Atkins, Attwater, Attwood, Austin, Axell, Back, Baker, Baldock, Banfield, Barham, Barnard, Barnes, Barnes, Barrett, Bartholomew, Bartlett, Baseden, Batchelor, Bate, Bates, Beacon, Beaney, Beanland, Beecham, Beeching, Beer, Beer, Beesley, Bell, Belsom, Bentley, Berry, Betts, Bingham, Bishenden, Black, Blackman, Blewitt, Bodium / Bodiam, Bolton, Bond, Bonnett, Booker, Botting, Bowes / Bowers, Bowles, Bowra, Bradley, Bradwell, Brady, Bray, Brenchley, Brewer, Bristow, Broad, Brooker, Brooks, Broster, Broughton, Brown, Browning, Brunger, Budds, Bugden, Burbridge, Burchett, Burden, Burley, Burr, Burton, Busbridge, Bushell, Butchard, Butcher, Butler, Calloway, Cammack, Carey, Carlton, Carter, Caryer, Castle, Chambers, Champ, Champion, Chandler, Chapell, Chapman, Charlesworth, Charlton, Charlwood, Cheal, Cheeseman, Cherrison, Chesson, Chittenden, Chopping, Chown, Christmas, Clackett, Clark, Clarke, Cleaver, Clements, Clout, Cockell, Coe, Cogger, Colchin, Cole, Coleman, Coles, Collins, Cook, Coomber, Coombes, Cooper, Coppin, Cornford, Couchman, Couling, Coupland, Court, Cramp, Crane, Cray, Crayden, Croft, Cross, Croucher, Crow, Culver, Curcher, Cusack, Cutter, Dale, Dalton, Daniels, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Davison, De La Mare, Dean, Denne, Dennett, Denton, Deverson, Diton, Dixon, Doe, Dorrell, Dorrington, Doubleday, Douch, Down, Downing, Downs, Drain, Drake, Draper, Drayson, Drury, Dumsday, Dungey, Dunk, Dutnall, Eames, Earl, Eason, Eastman, Edwards, Eley, Elliott, Emptage, England, Epps, Evans, Evenden, Evers, Fagg, Faulkner, Fearne, Feaver, Ferrell, Field, Fielding, Filmer, Finch, Findley, Finn, Finnes, Fishburne/Fishbourne, Fisher, Flack, Ford, Foreman, Forster, Foster, Freeborn, French, Friday, Fuggle, Fullager, Gambell, Gambrell, Gambrill, Gammon, Gant / De Gant, Gardner/Morse, Garland, Gates, Gaunt, Gee, George, Gibson, Gilbert, Giles, Gladwell, Glaspoll, Glass, Goatham, Goble, Godden, Godfrey, Goldsmith, Goodall, Goodger, Gooding, Goodwin, Gore, Gorely, Gorman, Gough,  Grainger, Gransden, Grant, Gray, Green, Greenhalgh, Gregory, Grigg, Grigsby, Gulvin, Hadaway, Hadler, Hadlow, Haigh, Hales, Hall, Hamilton, Hammond, Hancock, Hanham, Hankins, Hanmer, Harland, Harris, Harrison, Hartridge, Harvey, Hatton, Hawkins, Hayesmore, Hayles, Haylett, Henderson, Henstock, Heuner, Higgins, Highsted, Hill, Hills, Himpett, Hinkley, Hodge, Hodges, Hodgman, Hogben, Holdstock, Holland, Hollands, Hollis, Holloway, Honeysett, Hook, Hopkins, Hopkins , Horn, Horsford, Horton, Howard, Hubbard, Hughes, Hunt, Hutchens, Huxted, Ingram, Irvin/Ervin, James, Jarman, Jarrett, Jarvis, Jeffrey, Jemmett, Jenner, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Judges, Jull, Jury, Kadwell, Kean, Keane, Kelsey, Kemp, Kemsley, Keutinius, Kidson, Kiff, Kimmins, King, Kingsnorth, Kipping, Kite, Kitney, Knight, Knollys, Knott, Laker, Lamb, Lambkin, Lamkin, Lampkin, Larlham, Law, Le Pine, Leahy, Lee, Leigh-Pemberton, Lewis, Lewis, Little, Littlewood, Lloyd, Locke, Lockyer, Lofthouse, Lombardy, Long, Longfield, Lowther, Lucas, Lucia, Luckett, Luckhurst, Malnick, Mann, Mannering, Manning, Manser, Mantle, Marsh, Martin, Mason, Masters, Mattocks, May, Mayatt, Mayne, Mcardle, Mccormack, Mcgarry, Mead, Mears, Medgett/Midgett, Mercer, Miles, Milgate, Millard, Millen, Millgate/Milgate, Milliner, Millington, Mills, Milton, Mitchell, Moor, Moore, Morris, Morse/Gardener, Muckleston, Mudge, Muggeridge, Mungham, Mussett, Nash, Naylor, Neish, Newing, Newman, Nicholls, Noakes, Norridge, Norrington, Nutt, Oddie, Odle, Oldfield, Orchard, Ottaway, Pack, Packer, Packham, Page, Paige, Pankhurst, Parker, Parks, Pashby, Paul, Pawsey, Payne/Payn, Peacock, Pearce, Pearson, Pelvin, Penfold, Percival, Pettett, Pettitt, Philpot, Philpott, Pilbeam, Pilcher, Pile, Piles, Pitches, Pollard, Pope, Post, Potts, Prett, Price, Prior, Pudney, Pullen, Purcell, Quaife, Raines / Roines, Ralph, Randall, Randle, Ransley, Ransom, Rapson, Ray, Rayfield, Rayner, Read, Reader, Reed, Reeves, Revell, Richards, Richardson, Riches, Rickard, Ride, Ridley, Riordan, Robinson, Rochester, Rockliffe, Roof, Roots, Rossell, Rossiter, Rowe, Rush, Russell, Ruth, Sage, Sattin, Saunders, Savage, Sawkins, Sawyer, Saxby, Scott, Seager, Seamer, Searle, Sears, Sedge, Selby, Sellen, Sewell, Sharland, Sharman, Sharp, Shaw, Sheaff, Shilling, Shiveral, Shoveller, Shrubsall, Sifleet, Simmonds, Simmons, Simms, Skinner, Sladden, Slade, Slarks, Slingsby, Smeed, Smith, Snelling, Sparkes, Speed, Spendiff, Spice, Spillett, Spink, Spratt, Springate, Stapleton, Stapley, Steers, Stevens, Stickells, Still, Stokes, Stone, Storr, Stringer, Stupple, Styles, Sullivan, Sutton, Swan, Tabrett, Tanton, Taylor, Terry, Thacker, Thomas, Thompson, Thorogood, Thurley, Tickner, Tilbe, Tillett, Tills, Tinsley, Tokely, Tolhurst, Tomkin, Tomlin, Tompsett, Tong, Town, Townley, Townsend, Trigg, Trowell, Tucker, Tumber, Turner, Turrell, Tyler, Tyman, Tyrrell, Uden, Underdown, Vandepeer, Waghorn, Wagland, Wakeford, Wakelen, Wakeley, Wakelin, Walker, Wall, Wallis, Walsh, Walter, Ward, Warden, Warner, Warrener, Watchus, Waters, Watts, Weatherilt, Weaver, Webb, Welch, Welfare, Weller, Welsh, Whelan, White, Whitehead, Whitenall, Whitnell, Whittington, Wicks, Wigg, Wildish, Wiles, Williams, Williamson, Wilmshurst, Winch, Winton, Wood, Woodall, Woodfine, Woolett, Wooley, Woollett, Woolley, Worsley, Young.


* The 26 Swale parishes in scope are: Bapchild, Bobbing, Borden, Bredgar, Doddington, Frinsted*, Hartlip, Iwade, Lower Halstow, Lynsted, Kingsdown, Milstead, Milton Regis, Murston, Newington, Newnham, Norton Buckland and Stone, Rainham*, Rodmersham, Sheppey, Sittingbourne, Stockbury, Teynham, Tonge, Tunstall, and Upchurch. *part of Sittingbourne & Milton Regis Urban District Council 'til 1927.