Researchers are currently making a list of notable famous people who have walked our local streets over the millennium of time, with a view of providing a summary of their life and achievements. If you know of any famous people who lived, worked or were born in the Swale area, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Names collected so far....

Arthur “Bomber” Harris

Bill Chesson

Bishop Odo

Donald Dean

Donald Steele Potter

Dr Robert Plot

Earl Godwin

Edward Ardizzone

Edward James Reed

Edward Kingsley Wakeford

Frances Drake

Frank Lloyd

Frank Panton

Fred Littlewood JP

Fred Whibley

Geoff Ward

George “Bargebrick” Smeed

George Payne

Hedley Peters

Henry James Sparks

Henry Russell

James McCudden

John Peek

John Warcup Cornforth

Judge Hardy


Queen Sexburga

Rev Alexander Freeman

Richard Harrys (or Harries) 

Sir Stanley Hooker

Terry Nation

W J Parrett

William ‘Bill’ Blogg