1.      Sittingbourne War Memorials Project    

Sittingbourne War Memorials Project – the research into 2700 names commemorated locally on the war memorials of 27parishes. In scope are:

Bapchild, Bobbing, Borden, Bredgar, Doddington, Faversham, Frinsted, Hartlip, Iwade, Kingsdown, Lower Halstow, Lynsted, Milton Regis, Milstead, Murston, Newington, Newnham, Norton Buckland and Stone, Rainham, Rodmersham, Sheppey, Sittingbourne, Stockbury, Teynham, Tonge, Tunstall , and Upchurch.

During 2016, the project area waswidened to include the two other areas of the borough of Swale – Faversham and the Isle of Sheppey.  This means that another 1000 names will be investigated to tell their personal stories.  This project is likely to run till 2019.


2.      Bredhurst Dig

Bredhurst archaeological project...a project originally excavating the remains of a medieval manorial house dating back to the 13th century.  The finds assemblage chronologically spans from the Mesolithic period through to the 20th century.     2010- ongoing


3.      Rose Hill Archaeological Project

An archaeological investigation into the remains of neo-classical house dating to the 18th century.    2015-2017. Finds processing and analysing to enable information to be added to a new Rose Hill touch screen and Rose Hill House website. Schools, workshops and end of project finale. Join our Facebook page to find out when events are scheduled.


4.      Digitisation Project

To digitise over 4000 local photographs currently in the possession of the group...it will make them more accessible to researchers.         2016-2017


5.      2018 Calendar

HRGS and Sittingbourne Heritage Museum to produce a calendar for 2018 to sell to the public to raise funds for local Heritage Groups.     Feb - Jul 2017


6.      Newington Village Drawings

In conjunction with Newington History Group, we will publish a local artist (Peter Judges) drawings of Newington village.      Jan – June 2017


7.       Archive Review

Restructure the Archive recording process for donations and existing artefacts and records.         2016-2017


8.      Archaeological Finds Review

To move and examine more than 4000 archaeological finds which had been left in one of the old cells at Milton Regis Court Hall by the dissolved Swale and Sittingbourne Archaeological Research Group in the late twentieth century.  These finds need re-packaging, analysing, conserving, storing and presenting. A selection would be then available to display in the Heritage Hub in Sittingbourne, and make available to other local heritage groups within the Swale Museum Group area.          2017-2018


9.      Passchendaele Talk 

Jul- Nov 2017 will see the centenary of The Battle of Passchendaele, and we hope to have an illustrated talk covering the key aspects of the Third battle of Ypres (Passchendaele), coupled with details of the local men who fell during this battle.


10.   1940's Diary

Digitise, transcribe, research the diary of David Joyce who kept a diary throughout 1940. Once the research is complete, researchers will then decide how best to tell the story that David Joyce has left us. 2017-2018.    


11.   WW1 documentation collection - archiving and conservation

Alan Amos holds special documentation relating to local WW1.  At a SBC WW1 steering group meeting, Alan agreed to have his collection assessed with a view to having it catalogued, archived and where necessary conserved. HRGS will make the necessary enquiries to see if a student placement would be possible. If feasible, then funding will be sought through the HLF WW1 funding scheme. This would be a partnership project.      2016-2018


12.   Defence of Swale

Alan Anstee, Richard Emmett, Dean Coles, John Weeks, Jerry Cooley, and Simon Mason are working on mapping and recording the WW1 defence lines along the Stockbury valley. Dave Leigh is using his quad-copter to survey the area.        2014 -2018


13.   Sittingbourne Town Trail

Sally Reeve, Pat Robinson and Richard Emmett are working on producing an updated version of the Sittingbourne Town Trail with questions for children and a narrative for adults.   2016-2017


14.   Swale Heritage Brochure

Working with Swale Museums Group we are looking to produce a historic visitors guide for Swale.  March 2017


15.   WW1 DVD

Working in conjunction with local film animator Colin Harvey and other local groups we are proposing to produce a DVD to tell the story of the role played by the community and the significance that Swale played during WW1.  This was ‘storyboarded’ and scripted in 2016.  Michael Peters has agreed to narrate it.    Expected output Jan – Nov 2017.


16.   WW1 Survivor - Fred Harris

Digitise, transcribe, and research the tape recording of a survivor from the First World War, Fred Harris. Once his story has been researched, researchers will then decide how best to tell the story and decide how best to pass this on to the public. 2017


17.   Our Famous Locals

A timeline showing notable famous people who have walked our streets over the millennium of time. A few researchers would like to create a timeline of local famous people, which will also tell us a little bit about their lives.


18.   Crime during WW1

Alan Anstee has been researching newspaper records of 1914-1922 to analyse what was happening during the war and what this tells us about local society then. He plans to present this to the public July 2017.


19.   Transcriptions of Burial Records

Mary Cooley would like to transcribe burial records from microfilm held in the HRGS research Archives.


20.   A new Heritage Centre

A working group (from HRGS and Sittingbourne Heritage Museum and members of the public) was set up in 2016 to look at ways to secure a dedicated permanent Heritage Centre in the heart of Sittingbourne. 2016-2020


21.   Swale War Memorials

Compile a list of war memorials throughout the Swale area.

If you wish to be involved in any of these projects (or have an idea of your own) please contact Richard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.