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2007 A-Z

1903 Kelly's Directory

1870 OS Map


The area of Sittingbourne is 995 acres of land, 3 of water, 3 of tidal water, and 19 of foreshore; rateable value £30, 801; the population in 1871 was 6,148, in 1881 7,856, in 1891 8,502, and in 1901 was 8,943.

The population of the ecclesiastical parishes in 1901 was: - St. Michael (parish church) 4,932, and Holy Trinity 4,011.


Addington Road



(present - not named) (between Symmonds Drive and north end of Bonham Drive)


Adelaide Dock

Adelaide Drive



Adisham Green (Kemsley)



(partly present - not named - Gas Road, Murston)


All Saints Church (Rectory)

Broadoak Road



Albany Road

Masonic Hall - in Albany Road, built in 1889, a plain structure of brick, containing a meeting hall and club room.

Freemasons' lodge (no. 1,273), Albandy Road, Herbert Black, sec.


Albion Terrace (Brewery Road, Milton)


Albion Terrace

Alexandra Close



Allenby Walk



All Saints Road



Amber Close (Teynham)



Amber Rise






Anatase Close



Anchor Business Park



Andrews Walk



Anselm Close


(not present - represented by field boundary) / Limekiln (approximate location)

Argent Way



Arthur Street


(present - undeveloped - not named)

Arundel Avenue



Ashington Close



Ashtead Drive (Bapchild)



Ashtree House (off Woodberry Drive)



Attlee Way



Aubretia Walk



Auckland Drive



Austin Close (Kemsley)



Avenue of Remembrance



Aylewyn Green (Kemsley)



Balas Drive (2003-2008)



Balmoral Terrace



Bannister Hill (Borden)


Bannister's Hill

Barge Way



Barkers Court


Chalkwell Tannery

Barn Close (Borden)



Barnfield Crescent (Kemsley)



Barrow Grove



Bassett Road


Limekiln Lane



Bayford Court (approximate location between Crown Quay Lane and Castle Road)

Bayford Road



Beaconsfield Road



Beauvoir Drive (Kemsley)



Beechwood Avenue


(partly present - not named)

Bell Road



Bell Road Cemetery

The Cemetery of 6 acres contains two mortuary chapels and is under the control of a Burial Board of 9 members.

Cemetery - Bell Road, Geo. Kemsley, supt.

Episcopal Chapel (Dissenter) / Cemetery

Bell Shopping Centre


Trotts Hall

Belmont Road



Berkeley Court



Berry Street


(partly present - not named)

Bishop Court (Milton)



Blacketts Road (Tonge)



Blandford Gardens



Blenheim Road



Bobbing Court (now the site of the Bobbing Apple PH and Service Station)


Bobbing Court (Saw Pit / Well)

Bobbing Hill (Bobbing)



(partly present - not named - opposite corner of Sheppey Way and Quinton Road)


Bobbing Place

Boleyn Road (Kemsley)



Bonham Drive


Brick Field

(present - not named)


Book's Hole

Borden Lane (Borden)



Borden Hall


The Hall

Bottles Lane (Rodmersham)



Bourne Grove



Bracken Court


Brick Field

Bradley Drive



Bramblefield Lane (Iwade)


Bramblefield Lane

Bramblefield Lane (close to site of end house at west end of Bramblefield Lane)



Brenchley Road



Brewery Road (Milton)


Brewery (not present - approximate location between the High Street and Brewery Road) / St Thomas's Almshouses (not present)

Brickfield Cottages (Kemsley)





Brickmakers' Arms PH (not present - approximate location - north of Gas Works, north of Gas Road, Murston)

Brickmakers Industrial Estate



Brier Road



Brisbane Avenue



Britannia Close



Broadoak Road


(present - not named)

Brookfield (Kemsley)



Broom Road



Bruges Court (Kemsley)



Burkeston Close (Kemsley)



Burley Road


(partly present - not named) / (partly represented by field boundary)

Burnup Bank


Brick Field

Burnham Close (Milton)



Burntwick Drive (Lower Halstow)



Caldew Grove





California (East end of Stickfast Lane)

Cambridge Road



Canberra Gardens



Canterbury Road



Capel Road



Cardine Close



Castle Drive (Kemsley)



Castle Road


Bayford Castle erected A.D. 883 (approximate location between Castle Road and Heard Way) / Brick Field

Castleacres Industrial Park



Cavell Way



Cavendish Way



Cedar Close



Celt Close (Milton)






Central Avenue



Ceres Court






Chalkwell Road


Chalkwell Road

Challenger Close



Chappell Way


Brick Field

Charlotte Street


Charlotte Street

Chart View (Kemsley)



Chartwell Grove



Chatsworth Drive



Chaucer Business Park (Kemsley)



Chaucer Road



Chegworth Gardens



Cheney Close



Cherry Close


(not present - represented by field boundary)

Cherry Fields



Chestnut Street (Borden)





Hollywood Cottage (Chesnut Street)

Chestnut Wood Lane (Borden)



Cheyne Close (Kemsley)



Childsbridge Lane (Kemsley)






Chilton Avenue





Church Farm (Bobbing)

Church Lane (Kemsley)



Church Road (Murston)


(present - not named) / Murston Row

Church Street



(present - not named)


Periwinkle Mill (corn) (approximate site at junction between Church Street and Periwinkle Close)

Church Street (Milton)



Cinnabar Drive



Clarendon Close



Clements Close



Clerke Drive (Kemsley)



Cleves Road (Kemsley)



Clive Road



Cobham Avenue



Coldharbour Lane (Kemsley)



Cold Harbour Lane (Bobbing)


(present - not named) / Cold Arbour (corner of Cold Harbour Lane)

Coleman Drive



Colfe Way (Kemsley)



College Road



Collet Road (Kemsley)



Colllingwood Walk



Commonwealth Close



Connaught Road



Cooks Lane


(present - not named)

Coombe Drive



Copperfields (Kemsley)



Copperfields Close (Kemsley)



Copperfields Orchard (Kemsley)



Copperfields Walk (Kemsley)





Coppins Farm (Borden)

Coppins Lane (Borden)



(not present - approximate location of Natwest Bank)


Corn Exchange (High Street)

Cortland Close



Cortland Mews



Cotmans Ash Lane (Kemsley)



(not present - approximate location at junction of Castle Road and Gas Road, Murston)


Court Lodge

Court Road



Cowper Road



Cranbrook Drive



Cremers Road


Brick Field / Kilns

Crescent Street

Public Free Library and Reading Room in Crescent Street - erected in 1888 and consists of 5000 volumes presented by the now extinct Sittingbourne and Milton Book Society. 

C. B. Harris, clerk to the committee.  Mrs Hester Ann Harris, librarian.



"Certified Bailiffs" appointed under the "Law of Distress Amendment Act," Albert John Turner, 77 High Street; Hedley Peters, 15 High Street; Arthur John Lee, Crescent Street.


A fire brigade was established in 1876; Hedley Peters, jun. supt. & 13 men; hose kept at fire station, Crescent Street.


Cricketers Close (Kemsley)



Cromers Road



Cross Lane


(present - not named)




(partly present - not named)


Crown Quay 

Crown Quay Lane

The A Squadron of the Royal East Kent (Duke of Connaught's Own) Imperial Yeomanry (Mounted Rifles).  Maj R. J. Tylden commanding; Capt. C. H. Style, second in command; Squadron-Sergeant-Major Charles Hopgood, drill instructor.

Crown Quay Lane

Crown Road


(present - not named)


Milton Fire Brigade, E.N. Craig supt. & 13 men, hose kept at fire station in Crown Road.




Paradise Chapel (corner of Crown Road and Beechwood Avenue)



Paradise Place (Crown Road - south west end)

Cryalls Estate



Cryalls Lane


(partially present - not named)



Cryalls Lodge (Cryalls Lane)



Micketts (Borden) (off Cryalls Lane)

D2 Trading Estate






Danes Mead (Kemsley)



Dean Road


Brick Field

Denbigh Close



Derby Close


(may be partly present - not named)

Dickson Court



Diligent Drive



Dobbie Close


Sprats Hill / Spratshill Farm  (approximate location)

Dolphin Park



Dolphin Road


Brick Field

Donemowe Drive (Kemsley)



Dover Street



Downs Close



Dunedin Close



Dynes Road



Dyngley Close (Milton) (approximate location)


Vicarage (Milton)

Eagles Close (Murston)


Brick Field

East Green (Kemsley)



East Hall Lane



East Street

Foresters' Hall, East Street - built in 1892, is an edifice of brick, with stone dressings, it is licensed for theatrical performances, concerts, dancing, and will hold 700 persons.


Eastwood Raod


Brick Field

Echo House



Eclipse Drive



Edyngham Close (Kemsley)



Elm Grove



Emerald Crescent



Epps Road



Esther Court (Milton)



Eurolink Industrial Estate



Eurolink Way


(partly present - not named)

Fairfield Close (Kemsley)



Fairservice Close



Fairview Road



Falcon Court






Farm Crescent



Felds Close



Feldspar Close



Fernleigh Terrace



Ferry Road (Iwade)



Fielder Close



Fire Opal Way



Flanders Close (Kemsley)



Flint Close



Forge Lane



Forge Road



Fountain Street






Frederick Street



Frensham Close



Frobisher Court (Milton)






Fulston Place


Thatchers Hall

Gadby Road



Gainsborough Close



Galena Close



Gas Road



Gas Road (Murston)


(not present - represented by boundary)



Gas Works (north of junction of Gas Road (Murston)  and ?)



Cement Manufactory (east of Creek and south east of west end of Gas Road, Murston)



Court Lodge (south of middle of Gas Road, Murston)

Gayhurst Drive



Gaze Hill Avenue



Genesta Close



George Street


(not present - represented by Parish Boundary)

Gerrards Drive



Gibbons Road



Gibson Street



Giles Young Court (Milton)



Gladstone Drive



Glebe Lane



Glenbrook Grove



Glovers Crescent





Glover's House

Godwin Close (Kemsley)





Golden Ball PH (Church Rd, Murston)

Goodnestone Road



Gordon Close





Gore Court

Gore Court Road



Gorse Road


Brick Field

Grafton Road



Grafton Way



Graylings Court



Grayshott Close



Greenlands Road (Kemsley)



Green Porch Close



Greenlees Close






Gregory Close (Kemsley)



Greystones Close (Kemsley)



Grove Park Avenue



Grovehurst (nr Kemsley)



Grovehurst Avenue (Kemsley)



Grovehurst Road (Iwade)



Hales Road



Hall Close



Ham Green



Hambrook Walk



Hamilton Crescent



Hanover Close



Harkness Court


(not present - represented by Parish Boundary)

Harman's Corner


Harman's Corner

Harmony Close



Harold Road



Harrier Drive



Harris Gardens



Harrisons Crescent



Harvey Drive



Hawthorn Road


(present - not named) / Hawthorn Place (north west end of Hawthorn Road) / Windmill (corn) (now houses at North End of Hawthorn Road)




Heard Way


Brick Field

Hearne Close



Hearts Delight 


Hearts Delight

Hearts Delight Road (Tunstall)



Heather Close



Heather House Day Centre



Heaverham Road (Kemsley)



Hever Place



Highfield Road



High St Roman Square



High Street


High Street


The Town Hall, erected in 1859, and originally the Corn Exchange, was purchased in 1878 by the old Local Board, enlarged, and a board room and offices provided: the hall will hold 600 persons, and has an illuminated clock.  W. Stanton, hall keeper.

Corn Market held every Friday from 3 to 5pm at the Town Hall.

E Company of the 1st Volunteer Battalion, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), have their headquarters in the town hall.  Capt. Lewis H. Page; Sergeant C. Davison, drill instructor.



The Bull is the principal hotel.

A corn market is held weekly on fridays, from 3 to 5 o'clock, at the Town Hall, and cattle sales, conducted by Mr F. A. Bensted, are held every alternate Monday in the Bull Hotel meadow.

Stock Market, held every alternate Monday, in the Bull Hotel Meadow.


  Burial Board; office, 76 High Street; William James Harris, clerk  
  "Certified Bailiffs" appointed under the "Law of Distress Amendment Act," Albert John Turner, 77 High Street; Hedley Peters, 15 High Street; Arthur John Lee, Crescent Street.  
  Inland Revenue Office, Isaac Mason, 35 High St, officer.  
  Assistant Overseer, William Tress Jackson, 117 High Street  
  Coroner for the Sittingbourne District of the County, William James Harris; deputy, Charles Benjamin Harris, 76 High Street.  
  Distributor of Stamps, John Fill Bing, Post Office, High Street.  

High Street (Milton)


High Street (Milton)


The Town Hall, in High Street, is a structure of brick, with a large clock projecting from the front of the building; the hall contains committee and ante rooms and one for meetings and concerts &c.


Highsted Road


(present - not named)

Hill Brow



Hilton Drive



Hinde Close



(present - not named)


Hoath Wood (between Broad Oak Road and Bottom Pond Road)

Hobart Gardens



Holywell Lane



Home View



Homewood Avenue



Honeyball Walk (Teynham)



Honeysuckle Court


Brick Field

Howard Avenue


(present - not named)

Howt Green


Howt Green

Hugh Price Close (Murston)


Brick Field

Hurst Lane (Kemsley)



Hutchings Close



Hythe Road


(represented by field boundary - brick field on one side and orchard on the other)

(not present - approximate location of northeast corner of The Forum)


Infant School

Ingleden Close (Kemsley)



Invicta Close



Jacinth Drive



Jade Close



Jarretts Court (off Wykeham Road)



Jessica M.



Johnson Road


(present - not named)

Jubilee Street


Railway Cottages (west end of Jubilee Street)

Kenilworth Court



Kent Avenue



Kestrel Close



Keswick Avenue



Key Street


Key Street

Keycol Hill



Kiln Close



King's Head Tavern


King's Head PH (corner of Chalkwell Road and London Road)

Kings Mill Close



King Street



Knightsfield Road



Laburnum Place



Ladyfields Close



Lammas Drive (Milton Regis)



Langley Road



Lansdown Road



Larkfield Avenue



Lavender Court



Laxton Way


Windmill (corn) (in field east of Laxton Way)

Lewson Street Road (Teynham)



Liege Close (Kemsley)



Lime Grove



Linden Close



Lion Yard (off High Street)



Little Glovers


Glover's Cottage  (approximate location of Little Glovers)

Lloyd Drive



Lomas Road (Bapchild)



London Rd Trading Estate



The King's Head (London Road)


King's Head PH

The Billet (London Road)


Billet House (London Road)

London Road






Lonsdale Drive



Lorimar Court



Lorimar Road



Lower Road (Bapchild)



Lyndhurst Grove



Lydbrook Close



Lynstead Lane



Maidstone Road (Borden)



Manor Grove



Manor Road (Milstead)



Manwood Close



Marsh Rise



Maylam Gardens





Maypole Inn (High Street, Borden)

Mede Mill (off Chalkwell Road)


(present not named) / Mill (corn) / Mill Dam

Medway Close



Meeres Court Lane



Mellor Row (Kemsley)



Menin Road (Kemsley)



Merleburgh Drive (Kemsley)



Merlin Close



(present - not named)


Methodist Cha. (Weslyn.) (High Street)

Micketts Gardens



Middleton Court



Middletune Avenue






Milbourne Grove



Mill Court



Mill Way


Love Lane  (between junction with Church Street and juntion with St Pauls Street)

Millen Road


Kings Mill (Corn) (approximate site)

Miller Close (Kemsley)






Mill Street

The extensive paper mills of Edward Lloyd Limited are partly in this and partly in Milton Parish.




Milton Arms PH (south end of The Wall)

Milton High Street


Sprats Hill (part of High Street) / High Street)



Milton Quay (approximate location south east of Gas Road)

Milton Road



Minterne Avenue



Mons Court (Kemsley)



Moonfleet Close



Moonstoone Square



Morse House



Mountview (Borden)



Munsgore Lane (Borden)



Murston Road


Murston Row

Musgrave Road



Napier Close





National School (north side of St Michael's Road approximately opposite Grafton Road)

Nativity Close


(not present - represented by field boundary)

Nelson Walk



Newbridge Avenue


(partially present - represented by footpath - not named) / Gravelpit Cottages (halfway along Newbridge Avenue)

Newington Industrial Estate



Newlands Avenue



Newman Drive (Kemsley)



North Street


North Street / Union Workhouse (Milton)  (approximate location between Frobisher Close and Hawkins Close)

Northwood Drive



Norton Road (Teynham)



Norwood Walk



Norwood Walk E



Norwood Walk W






Oad St Craft Centre



Oad Street



Oak Road


Brick Field




Oaktree House (off Woodberry Drive)



Oast Court





Oil Cake and Cement Works (approximate location to east of northeast end of Crown Quay Lane)

Olivine Close



Orchard Place



Osprey Court



Ostend Court (Kemsley)



Oyster Close



Palmerston Walk



Park Avenue



Park Drive



Park Road


(present - not named) / The Lawn (East side of Park Road from the junction with West Street to approximately junction with Albany Road)

  County Constabulary, Police Station, Park Road, Sittingbourne Division, Supt. A. E. Rhodes, inspector, 5 sergeants and 32 constables  
  County Court, His Honor Sir William Lucius Selfe, judge; Harry Greensted, registrar and high bailiff; Lewis Burchell & Henry Wagland, under bailiffs.  The court has also equity jurisdiction.  Sittings monthly, at the Police court; office, Crescent Street, hours 10 to 4 - Saturday 10 to 1.  The following parishes are within its jurisdiction: - Bapchild, Bobbing, Borden, Bicknor, Bredgar, Frinsted, Lower Halstow, Hartlip, Iwade, Kingsdown, Milton, Milstead, Murston, Newington, Rainham, Rodmersham, Lower Rainham, Sittingbourne, Tonge, Tunstall, Upchurch & Wormshill.  
  Certifying Factory Surgeon, Medical Officer, Sittingbourne District and Assistant Medical Officer of Health, Sittingbourne District, Faversham Port, Henry Holdrich Fisher M.D., Park Road.  

Parsonage Lane


Parsonage Lane

Pastime Close



Pavilion Drive (Kemsley)



Pear Tree Alley (off St Paul's St)



Peel Drive



Pembury Court (off Pembury Street)



Pembury Street


Pembury Street

Penn Close



Peregrine Drive



Periwinkle Close



Perth Gardens



Phillippa Court (Milton Regis)





Pigeon Farm

Pippin Close


Windmill (corn)



Police Sta. (approximate location of The Cloisters)

Pond Drive



(present - not named)


Pond Farm

Pond Farm Road (Borden)


(present - not named)

Portland Avenue



(present - not named)



Poulsen Court



Prentis Close


Rhode House (approximate location)

Prentis Quay



(present - not named)


Presbyterian Cha. (High Street)

Prince Charles Avenue



Puttney Drive (Kemsley)



Quickstep Close



(not named)


Quinton Farm

(not named)


Quinton Cottages

Quinton Road (Milton R)


(present - not named)



Railway Tavern PH (West Street - approximately opposite Dover Street)

Recreation Way



Rectory Road



(not present - approximate location south end of Burley Road)


Red Barn

Regency Court



Regis Crescent (Milton)


National School (not present - approximate location off south east side of Regis Crescent)

Rettendon Drive



Rhode Court



Richmond Drive



Riddles Road



Ridham Avenue (Kemsley)



Rigden's Court


(present - not named)

Riverhead Close



Riverside Close



Roberts Close



Robeshaw (Milstead)



Rock Road



Rodmersham Green



Rolvenden Drive



Roman Square


Market Ground

Romney Court



Ronalds Court



Rook Lane (Bobbing)


(partly present - not named)

Roonagh Court



Rosebery Close



Roseleigh Road



Ruins Barn Road



Russell Close



Saffron Way



Salesby Close



Salisbury Close



Sandford Road



Sapphire Close



Satis Avenue



School Lane



School Road



School View



Scraps Hill



Seed Road



Shakespeare Road



Sharsted Hill



Sheppey Way (Bobbing)


Ferry Road (part of)

Shoregate Lane



Shortlands Road



Shurland Avenue



Sidney Avenue



Silverdale Grove



Simpson Road



Smeed Close



Smeed Dean Centre






Somerset Close



Sonora Way



South Avenue



South Green



Spring Close



Springfield Road


Brick Field



Spring Gardens (approximate area between Charlotte Street and Church Street)

Sprotshill Close 


Orchard Place (Milton) (approximate location)

(not named)


St Bartholomew's Church / Grave Yd / (vicarage)

St Johns Avenue



(present - not named)


St John's Church (Tunstall)

(present - not named)


The Rectory (Tunstall)

(present - not named)

St Michael's Church, High Street, Rev. Thomas Godfrey Law Lushington M.A. vicar; 8 & 11 a.m. & 3 or 3.30 & 6.30 p.m.; daily at 8 & 8.30 p.m.

St Michael's Church (Vicarage) (High Street)

St Michaels Close



St Michaels Road


Water Lane (southwest end of St Michael's Road - one way system) /

St Pauls Street


(present - not named)

(present - not named)


St Peter & St Paul's Church (vicarage) (Borden)

Stanhope Avenue



Staple Close



Staplehurst Road


Blind Lane

Starveacre Lane



Sittingbourne Station



Station Place



Station Street


Station Road



Step House (location of first north of New House Youth Centre, Chalkwell Road)

Step Style



Sterling Road



Stickfast Lane


Stickfast Lane

Stockers Hill



Strand Street



Sunny Bank





Sunnyhill (Borden)

Sutton Baron 


Sutton Baron

Sutton Baron Road (Borden)



Swale House (Council Offices)


Gas Works

Swan Close



Swanstree Avenue



Sydney Avenue



Symmonds Drive



Taillour Close (Kemsley)



Tannery Court (off Kings Mill Close)



Tavistock Close



Temple Gardens



Terrace Road



The Avenue





The Bell PH (Bell Road)

The Burrs



The Butts

The Public Baths and Gymnasium in The Butts, were built in 1896 by public subscription, at a cost of £1,500.  Frederick Shilling, supt.




The Butts (Fair Gd) (north side of St Michael's Road - now car park)

The Cedars



The Chase (Kemsley)



The Cloisters



The Cres.



The Dynes (Kemsley)



The Fairway



The Fieldings



The Finches



The Forum



The Fountain (Station Street)


Fountain Hotel



The Hall (Borden)

The Meadows



The Meads Avenue


Brick Field

The Mews



The Parade Northwood Drive



The Quays Crown Quay Lane



The Roundel



The Square (Kemsley)



The Street (Borden)



The Tonge Mill Centre



The Wall


The Wall / Victoria Place (area at North end of The Wall)

The Willows (Kemsley)



Thistle Walk



Thomas Road



Thorn Walk



Thornham Road





Tide Mill (corn) (approximate location south of Gas Road and the Creek)

Todd Crescent



Tonge Road


(present - not named)



Railway Tavern (Tonge Road)

Topaz Drive



Torry Hill



Tourmaline Drive



Trading Estate



Trading Estate Castle Road



Trentham Street



Tribune Drive



Trinity Road



Trinity Trading Estate



----------------------------- (approximate location between Trotts Hall Gardens and Bell Road)


Trotts Hall

Trotts Hall Gardens



Tunstall Road



Tunstall School


School (Tunstall)

Turner Close



----------------------------- (approximate location of Woodside Gardens / Minterne Avenue)


Ufton Court

Ufton Lane


(present - not named) / Waterlane Head (north end of Ufton Lane)

Unity Street



Upper Field Road



Upper Toes


Upper Toes

Valenciennes Road



Vaughan Drive



Vectis Drive



(not present - approximate location of St Michael's Close)


Vicarage (St Michael's)

Vicarage Road


Meads Mill (Corn)  (approximately Nobby's Gym) /  Mill Pond  (approximately tennis courts) / Mill Lane (approximately tennis courts) / Vicarage

Victoria Road



Vincent Road



Viners Close



Volante Drive



Wadham Place



Walmer Gardens


Brick Field

Walnut Tree Drive



Walsby Drive (Kemsley)



Wardwell Lane



Warren Close





Warren Houses (Canterbury Road)

Warwick Crescent



Waterloo Raod



Watling Place



Watsons Hill


(partly present - not named) / Railway Cott.s

Weald Court





Webbend Ditch Pond



Webbend Ditch Cottage

Wells House



Wellwinch Road



Wellington Road



Wellwinch Road



Wentworth Court



Wentworth Drive





Wesleyan School (Boys and Girls)



Wesley Place (south end of The Wall)

Westbourne Street



West Green (Kemsley)



West Lane (Castle Road)



West Lane (East Street)



West Ridge



West Ridgew. R.



West Street



  Collector of Taxes, Hazard Webb, 12 & 14 West Street.  

Westerham Road



Westlands Avenue



Wharf Way





Wheat Sheaf (East Street)

Whimbrel Close



Whitehall Road





White Hart Inn (Crown Quay Lane)

William Street



Willow House



Wilton Terrace



Winch Road



Windermere Grove



Windmill Road


Brick Field

Windsor Drive



Wises Lane (Borden)



Woodberry Drive



Woodcourt Close



Woodlands Road



Woodside Gardens



Woodstock Road



Woolett Road



Worcester Drive



Wrens Cottages (Borden)



Wren's Court (Borden)



Wren's Farm


Wren's Farm

Wykeham Road



Yeates Drive



Yelsted Road



Ypres Drive