Updated October 2013

Milton Memorial Inscriptions

This document contains a description of the gravestone or tomb, a transcription (where possible) of the inscription, and a photograph of each gravemarker.
This document is still under construction (approximately 1/10th of the graveyard is complete) and will be updated as soon as more information is added. 

This document can be downloaded once transaction is complete.

Price: £1.50


This document currently contains the following surnames:-

Ackhurst, Akers, Allen, Andrews, Antricnan, Apps, Arnold, Axell, Baker, Baldock, Barham, Barnes, Baseden,

Beaney, Beecham, Beer, Berry, Blaxland, Bradley, Bray, Brenchley, Brisley, Broster, Brown, Bunce, Burton, Butcher, Butler, Callow, Chandler, Charlton, Cherrison, Chrisfield, Chopping, Chown, Clout, Cockell, Coleman, Collins, Coome, Cornford, Couchman, Couling, Court, Creed, Croucher, Cutter, Dale, Denn, Denton, Deverson, Dobbie, Dodd, Doe, Dorrell, Down, Downing, Dungey, Dunk, Dutnall, Earl, Eason, Edwin, Elliot, Emptage, English, Epps, Evans, evenden, Findlay, Fisher, Foreman, Freeborn, Fullager, Gambell, Gambrell, Gant, Gates, George, Gibson, Glaspoll, Glass, Glover, Goatham, Goble, Goldsmith, Goodhall, Goodger, Gough, Grant, Grayling, Green, Griggs, Hadaway, Hadler, Hadlow, Hales, Hall, Harp, Harrison, Hartridge, Hatton, Hawkins, Higgins, Hern, Hearn, Hearne, Hodges, Hollis, Hopkins, Hopson, Hughes, Hulburd, Hunt, Hutchens, James, Jarrett, Jorden, Jury, Keane, Keeble, Kelsey, Kemsley, King, Kingdom, Kitney, Knight, Leafgreen, Legatt, Lewis, Little, Littlewood, Lockyer, Long, Longfield, Lowther, Luckett, Manser, Mantle, Marsh, Mayatt, Mayne, Miles, Milliner, Mills, Moore, Morris, Munn, Nicholls, Norridge, Ottaway, Palmer, Parker, Payne, Pilcher, Potter, Price, Prior, Ralph, Randle, Rattle, Read, Redman, Richardson, Ride, Rigden, Riordan, Rogers, Rossel, Rossiter, Russsel, Saddleton, Sage, Saxby, Sears, Sellen, Sharp, Shrubsall, Shrubsole, Silker, Simmons, Smith, South, Spendiff, Stevens, Sutton, Swift, Taylor, Tilbe, Thomas, Thompson, Tinsley, Town, Tucker, Turner, Tyler, Tyman, Wallace, Ward, Watchus, Wagland, Wakelen, Walker, Warden, Webb, Week, Welch, Whelan, Whittington, Wiles, Williams, Willson, Wilmshurst, Woodfine, Wooley, Woolley, Wright, Young.