Richard Emmett’s Talk List

These talks are all illustrated talks which usually last between 40 and 60 minutes –

  1. The Train that Jumped the Gap’…the story behind the Doodlebug demolishing the railway bridge at Upchurch in 1944.
  2. ‘Over by Christmas’…Accounts from the diary kept by Ernest Smith from Milton Regis during the early part of WW1.
  3. ‘The Rose Hill Chronicles’…talk on our research and finds from the excavations on a demolished Georgian house that stood at Rose Hill, Bobbing.
  4. ‘Making Indiana Jones redundant’…use of new technology in archaeology.
  5. ‘The Bredhurst Ancestors’…report on our research and finds from the excavations at Bredhurst from the Stone Age to the Medieval period.
  6. ‘Sittingbourne’s WW1 legacy’ The story into the research of the Sittingbourne War Memorials Project.
  7. ‘Birdsong, Barbed wire and Blather’…My interest in WW1 research and archaeology at La Boisselle on The Somme.
  8. ‘Hell to Hospital’ The WW1 casualty evacuation process and Sittingbourne’s VAD hospitals.
  9. ‘A view to die for’…A look at the Boer War told through the life of Richard’s Great Grandfather who received a Distinguished Conduct Medal.
  10. ‘What can you find under your feet? …how to get the archaeological bug!
  11. ‘Did the battle of The Somme achieve anything’?…A review of the battle in Pecha Kucha or chat style.
  12. ‘Pilgrims, Princes and Paper’, How Sittingbourne changed the World…a bit.
  13. ‘Third Battle of Scarpe’, an examination of the WW1 battle in which four local battalions took part with disastrous consequences.
  14. ‘Bringing History Alive’…being part of a local history group and becoming a ‘time traveller’.
  15. Richard charges £60 per talk if the venue is within Kent, or would consider an exchange reciprocal talk for the Historical Research Group of Sittingbourne (HRGS) talks programme.