About us

Our aim is to investigate, record and promote the history of Sittingbourne and the local area by research, study, education and publication.

We believe that History is the Glue that holds Communities Together

All of our work is carried out by volunteers.  

With over 15,000 hours of time clocked up in 2016, the Historical Research Group of Sittingbourne ‘Heritage Team’ volunteers are at the heart of what we do. We carry out local heritage investigations by documentary and archaeological research.  Much of this work is then published and or presented both visually and orally to the community via our exhibition centre, known as The Heritage Hub.

We wish to thank all our volunteers and appreciate the time and effort they put in.  Their work and enthusiasm is appreciated and celebrated  as can be seen below.  We also always welcome all offers from volunteers.  There is always work to be done and whatever your skills and whatever time you can give, we can find something for you to help and enjoy doing.  Call into the Heritage Hub and have a chat with us.  

HRGS 2017-2018 Committee

"One of the best things that has happened in the last 25 years in Sittingbourne was the establishment of HRGS” [to research the fantastic history of the area].

Bill Croydon, past President of HRGS and former CEO, Swale Borough Council.